To transform Wheat in Wheat Flour and Wheat Flour, based on modern and sustainable technologies, serving the market in a professional manner, with fresh and quality products, aiming at the satisfaction of the final customer, contributing to the value chain of the sector of Baking and Pasta, respecting people and the environment.


To be a reference in competence and trust in the supply of Wheat Flour, providing quality for the final products.


Ao nível organizacional, está projectada uma estrutura simples, centralizada no PCA (Presidente do Conselho de Administração)...


Basically the organization of the company is based on six large departments, which make up the second line of the company


We work systematically to integrate corporate responsibility into our core business and to make our knowledge available for the benefit of the societies in which we operate.


The main project managers are already recruited and although the staffing structure is not yet complete and it is anticipated that this will happen at an earlier stage of the investment.

Other Ideas

We go deeper to reveal insights and have the courage to act. We bring together the right people to challenge established thinking and drive transformation. We work with our clients to develop the capabilities that enable organizations to achieve sustainable benefits. We are shaping the future. Together

Intelligence Machine

Enable the creation of intelligent products and services using Machine Intelligence. Explore, innovate and develop applications and infrastructures based on machine intelligence.