Wheat Flour Grinding

As we have already mentioned, the nuclear objective of this project is to
wheat flour, and wheat bran meal,
satisfaction of national consumption needs. In addition to this objective, there are others that  are implementation of the project, both at the level of the promoting entity and the economy.
 At the level of the promoter, the project aims to: ¨ Add value to the raw materials, of national or imported origin, particularly wheat, by means of industrial processing;
¨ To encourage the national production of wheat by promoting the substitution of imports; ¨ To promote the quality of the final product, ie wheat flour, and
wheat flour meal, and contribute to food security; ¨ To provide the market with the offer of noble and distinct products through of the industrial processing activity; ¨ Offer competitive products to the final consumer; ¨ Promote environmentally friendly solutions; ¨ Contribute to the dynamism of an (industrial) sector of undeniable importance for the country;
¨ Increase competitiveness and productivity; ¨ Promote job creation;
¨ Encourage the population to return to their areas of origin; ¨ Take advantage of financial capacity, management capacity, know-how, and the professional experience of the promoters;

Promote training

To promote the professional and human training of the people connected with the project, with a view to achieving "better" and "better" companies; ¨ To continue with an activity of undeniable economic and financial interest, generating compensating margins;
 At the level of the national economy, the project is focused on pursuing the following objectives: ¨ To value resources and raw materials of national origin, promoting and encouraging domestic production, and thus contributing to GDP growth; ¨ Diversify the industrial production, through the creation of an industrial project necessary for the Country, dedicated to the supply of products of 1st Necessity, destined for human consumption; ¨ Strengthen the industrial activity, with consequent increase of the consumption of resources of National origin; ¨ Contribute to the reduction of the marketing cycles, and consequently of the operating costs of the sectors of activity
downstream, due to the availability of
origin, for the industry and food
shorter and steadier deadlines; ¨ Creating jobs, a factor of strong significance, given the high unemployment rates in the country and, consequently, the serious living conditions due to the lack of work;
¨ To promote contributions to the General State Budget, since the
increase in productive and commercial activity means more taxes; ¨ Contribute to the substitution of imports of wheat, and of wheat flour, and consequently to the improvement of the Trade Balance.



As mentioned earlier, it is not possible to obtain raw materials (wheat) of national origin in industrial quantities, so they will be acquired abroad, with probable origin from the European Union, U.S.A., Russia, among others.


When wheat arrives it is tested for the specification for variety of moisture, specific gravity, impurity, enzyme activity associated with protein loom sprouting and quality:

Preliminary cleaning operations

Subsequently the wheat undergoes a preliminary cleaning process to remove coarse impurities such as nails and stones and can be dried before being stored in sticks according to quality.



The product portfolio includes Wheat Flour intended for human consumption, and a by-product resulting from the process of transformation that is Wheat Flour Bran intended for incorporation into animal feed.


With the implementation of this project, it is planned to create 99 direct jobs in Year 0 of activity, with the possibility of reaching 190 direct jobs from Year 4 of the project if the company is to implement three (3) ) production shifts as perspective.


There is a wide range of customers available in Angola the brand KIKOLO that intends to abut the same brand KIANDA, will be engaged in wholesale and retail distribution, which is also valid for wheat flour meal, products that will be well packaged in quantities necessary for distributors.