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of investment

Considering this study, it results in the collection of information provided by the promoters of the research, and includes all the necessary research expenditures for placement of the project in activity.
For amortization of amortized assets, it is considered to be taxa of reimbursement and amortization payments updated and approved by Presidential Decree No. 207/15, of November 5

Technical Statement
À data da elaboração do presente Study of Technical, Economic and Finance Viability, já foram carried out all the architectural and civil engineering studies of adaptation of the installation of industrial implantation
mogame of wheat, be as all the projects and technical studies, tendo em vista or adequado operamento da nova unidade.

Investimento Schedule
As existing works of adaptation of the existing installations, there will be a start and an eventual finding, not being an impediment to the normal work of the company, in a shift regime.

Accesce that the execution of the project of adaptation is not dependent on any bank financing, and consequently it gives necessary processing for the availability of funds, situation that in itself facilitates or process of adaptation of installations that we can continue to be developed in continuous process. or minimum of disturbances for the production process of Moagem KIKOLO Luanda.

The following is a schedule for the investment to be made, and it is foreseen that Moagem KIKOLO Luanda will continue its industrial activity, as it can be observed:


The intangible investment that is expected to be realized basically includes the cost of acquiring management software, in the total amount of 16,627 North American Dollars.
The investment in tangible fixed assets for the project is budgeted at a total of 50,026,419.00 US Dollars, this amount being divided by:
• Acquisition of Land;
• Infrastructures, and Buildings;
• Silos, and other constructions;
• Production equipment;
• Means of transport;
• Office equipment;
• Other Tangible Fixed Assets;
The weight of intangible assets over total investment is 0.03%, while tangible fixed assets account for the largest share of total investment (99.97%).

In terms of tangible investment, Infrastructure and Buildings absorbs 59.04% of the total investment, the project implementation area represents 26.64%, Basic Equipment represents 9.17%, and other tangible fixed assets represent 4% , 55%, with 0.6% of the total investment related to the remaining items.
The following table describes the type of investment (intangible and tangible) to be carried out, as well as the amount to be spent for each item:

Investment in
Necessary Funding


Working capital requirements result from the difference between the investments in the treasury security reserve, amounts granted to customers and the stock of raw materials and finished products, less fixed assets
in credits from suppliers and from the State over the company.


As already mentioned in the general assumptions of the project, the company will receive its supplies within an average term of 15 days, and will settle its provisions with an average term of 30 days. As already mentioned in the general assumptions of the project, the company will receive its orders for an average term of 15 days, and will settle its provisions for an average term of 30 days.


of the Working Capital Fund for Year 0 corresponds to the cash security reserve, that is, the amount necessary to finance the Cost of Goods Sold and Matters Consumed, and Operating Costs, equivalent to approximately one month (1 month) of operational activity, amounting to a total of US $ 7,893,950.


Financing Amount

After calculating the investment, both in tangible and intangible assets and in working capital, the following values were obtained for the final investment, and consequently, the respective financing needs:

Need for Financing


The project will be financed by 95.56% of equity capital, with the remaining
4.44% will be financed by means freed from the project, as can be seen in the table below:

Funding source