Wheat Flour Grinding


Wheat flour

Wheat is the world's most widely produced cereal for human consumption. For this reason, wheat has a significant influence on the global agricultural economy and its flour is used for the production of bread, pasta, biscuits and biscuits, bakery: special pastry, pastry, pastry, whole, fried, battered among other products .


Wheat bran

Wheat processing results in bran (bran), a byproduct of great utility in agriculture, used as a complement to animal feed. The usefulness of bran for the production of animal feed is fundamental, allowing producers to reduce their costs in importing this product.

The bran is pelleted and stored in a horizontal warehouse, in bulk, and later shipped by truck, truck or train

Logistics and distribution

Specialists in national and international logistics. Department itself. Rigorous, safe and punctual, we use in each case the most efficient means of transportation ... and the most efficient. We are accustomed to all types of land and sea transport.


Production capacity

We have a large installed capacity, facilities and equipment that guarantee the maximum quality and a great level of productive efficiency
Wheat flour from Angola

Better quality bread, of course

We know the art of baking - and through a line of proven baking enzymes, we help you get better bread - and products with great looks and taste, at a minimal cost.


Production capacity

Raw material Production capacity Total quality Logistics and distribution Primary material

The final quality of our products requires, first and foremost, the best raw materials:

better flours

the best semolina and the best flours And the wheats needed to make them

Thousand and thousands of tons of wheat analyzed, selected, purchased and conditioned. Among them, diversity of origins and all kinds of varieties and characteristics.

We go deeper to reveal insights and have the courage to act. We bring together the right people to challenge established thinking and drive transformation.

We work to continue enjoying your trust and loyalty, offering you good, natural, healthy and safe products. For this, we do not save efforts or resources:

Wheat Flour Grinding