Grinding of
wheat flour

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YES, the products of KIKOLO SOC. INDUSTRIAL DE Moagem S.A are very competitive. For this, certainly, it is necessary to have the possibility to buy well and do better, and KIKOLO SOC. INDUSTRIAL DE Moagem S.A has. But it is also necessary to have the ability to distribute in the most efficient manner.

Our production centers are strategically distributed throughout the territory, located in the main areas and / or sources of supply and, at the same time, are very close to the markets. We are prepared to provide customers with the most appropriate means of transportation for each case. By land, in addition to the fleet of vehicles, we have our own rail charging terminals. By sea, normally for export, we have facilities located in the same Port of Bahia of LUANDA (Atlántico), and with others within a short distance of important Mediterranean ports specialized in container traffic: LUANDA, BENGUELA LOBITO

But KIKOLO SOC. INDUSTRIAL DE Moagem S.Aes also efficacy. You can check this out. Our distribution specialists are part of an organization that understands that the service can not harm the product. And that understands that our client is waiting for us.


Specialists in national and international logistics. Department itself. Rigorous, safe and punctual, we use in each case the most efficient means of transportation ... and the most efficient. We are accustomed to all types of land and sea transport and we distribute more than 1200 tons every day.