Wheat Flour

The project is located at Rua do Kikolo, S / N, Bairro do Kikolo, Cacuaco District, Province of Luanda.

Moagem Kikolo is located 10 km north of Luanda, displaced 3 km from the main road between Luanda and Cacuaco.

Moagem is located in a semi-rural zone with village in this environment, the property and mainly industrial for Wheat and corn Mill.

The road between Luanda and Cacuaco F used by vehicles of transport of goods in the distribution of the main items of KIKOLO and is of importance for this industry, the area of land was dimensioned for approximately 27,500m2.

Grinding Buildings

The building consists of 7 floors, in reinforced concrete, stakes, columns, slabs and masonry stairs; there are 20 circular concrete silos, 14 silos (each 7.0 m in diameter) with a capacity of 750 tonnes and the remaining 6 silos with a capacity of 285 tonnes; these 285 tonne silos are located within the silo structure of 14.

Wheat Flour


As mentioned earlier, it is not possible to obtain raw materials (wheat) of national origin in industrial quantities, so they will be acquired abroad, with probable origin from the European Union, U.S.A., Russia, among others.